• Ahnensee


    Ahnensee, a sparkling lake in Earlsdale, is surrounded by lush forests and teems with wildlife. Revered for its mystical aura and ancient legends, including magical Nightelves, it attracts adventurers and inspires tales of wonder and hidden secrets.

  • Ahnenwald


    Ahnenwald, a dark, ancient forest by Ahnensee Lake, harbors warring orc and hobgoblin tribes amidst its savage wilderness. Despite nearby villages, its depths hide robbers, mysterious creatures, and whispered secrets, challenging the brave to uncover its mysteries.

  • Algund


    Algund, nestled among hills and wastelands, protected by mountains, acts as Marbek's defensive outpost. This village, with its close-knit streets, buildings, and central square, fosters a strong community spirit among diverse humans and dwarves. It thrives on craftsmanship and tradition, guarded by a loyal garrison.

  • Allsteinfeste


    Allsteinfeste, a towering fortress overseeing the Earlsdale pass and Esairan Empire, stands as a beacon of strength with its ancient, thick walls. It houses a large, vigilant garrison, archers ready for defense, and facilitates trade through tolls and inspections. Despite sieges, it remains unconquered, vital for secure trade and passage.

  • Amaner Wald

    Amaner Wald

    Amaner Wald, an ancient, whispering pine forest, teems with diverse flora and fauna, revealing its mysteries under a canopy of secrecy. By night, its eerie stillness hints at hidden dangers, yet captivates with its magical aura.

  • Askirs Ruh

    Askir's Ruh

    Askir's Ruh, an ancient inn and temple on the Vinshgau riverbank, honors the god of hospitality, Askir. Featuring sturdy stone architecture, lush gardens, and cozy rooms, it hosts monthly ceremonies with offerings and celebrations, promising luck to travelers.

  • Blood Road

    Blood Road

    The Blood Road, a historic path marked by centuries of conflict, stretches hundreds of miles through forests and plains, its ground echoing past battles. Lined with whispering trees and blooming flowers, it evokes the presence of ancient warriors and invites travelers towards uncertain destinies.

  • Borgaswald


    Borgaswald, the continent's largest forest, teems with ancient trees, mystery, and magic. Home to fiercely independent Northmen living in harmony with nature, it hides unknown forces and secrets, beckoning adventurous souls to explore its boundless depths.

  • Brandis


    Brandis, a vibrant town on the route between Jarlshelm and Klausen, features the towering, ancient sentinel of Brandis Tower, symbolizing strength and safety. Home to the skilled Tower Keepers guild, its people lead simple, community-oriented lives, with a bustling marketplace offering diverse goods. It's a hub for travelers, merchants, and adventurers.

  • Brixen


    Brixen, nestled by the Etsch River and flanked by forests and marshland, thrived around a pivotal stone bridge. It boasts an architecturally majestic keep and a temple to Umor, symbolizing change and renewal. The hardworking community, united in farming and fishing, embodies resilience and devotion amidst picturesque surroundings.

  • Burg Emsch

    Burg Emsch

    Burg Emsch, perched on a cliff by the Vinshgau River, is a grand, decaying fortress with towering walls and crenellated towers. Its interior boasts dark corridors and treasure-filled chambers. Ruled by the iron-fisted Sheriff von Emsch, feared yet respected for his protection, the people live in a mix of fear and gratitude, acknowledging the safety his harsh rule provides amidst the fortress's fading glory.

  • Burg Eschenloh

    Burg Eschenloh

    Burg Eschenloh, a once-abandoned castle near a volcano, now hosts a garrison amid Earlsdale's war. Its ruins offer views of vast landscapes and experience natural phenomena, while its torch-lit battlements evoke ancient power. Soldiers inside prepare for potential sieges, maintaining the fortress's legacy of vigilance.

  • Burg Freibrunn

    Burg Freibrunn

    Freibrunn Castle, guarding the Dead Marches' edge, is a centuries-old fortress hosting merchants, artisans, and adventurers. It's the base of the valiant Knights of the Iron Shield, granted by the Duke of Jarlshelm. Despite peaceful lives within and luxuries from Jarlshelm, dark threats loom outside, inspiring annual celebrations of bravery and exploration.

  • Burg Karmens

    Burg Karmens

    Burg Karmens, Earlsdale's formidable defense, boasts towering stone walls and a ready garrison on the Blood Road to Aman. Featuring a drawbridge, barracks, and magical protection from a powerful mage, it symbolizes strength and stability, inspiring confidence among its people against any southern threat

  • Burg Sunna

    Burg Sunna

    Burg Sunna, nestled between mountains, is ruled by Lord Ferris and the mysterious Lady Wyrdha, rumored to be a sorceress. This impregnable fortress, surrounded by lush landscapes, houses a tight-knit community of 350, thriving on simplicity and tradition. Within its ancient walls, feasts celebrate the valor of knights, while Lady Wyrdha's enigmatic presence and herbal mastery fuel legends, ensuring the castle's legacy of protection and mystery.

  • Burg Terslan

    Burg Terslan

    Burg Terlan, a strategic yet now-ruined fortress in the Etschtal valley, overlooks the Ortler mountains, surrounded by forest. Once mighty, it's haunted by an undead army controlled by a necromancer, attracting the bravely curious despite its ominous aura.

  • Burg Trums

    Burg Trums

    Castle Trums, a majestic fortress atop a cliff, oversees a village and the town of Trumsberg. Baron Ludovik rules here, with impressive defenses including a moat and a strategic tower offering panoramic views. The surrounding village thrives under the castle's protection, embodying resilience and community spirit.

  • Burg Wyrd

    Burg Wyrd

    The castle, nestled between an ancient volcano and a lake in a desolate valley, harbors secrets and immense power. Lord Wyrd, centuries-old ruler, enjoys solitude, attended only by loyal servants and nightly spirits. Seeking peace from court politics, he's deeply connected to the land's hidden mysteries.

  • Burgeis


    Burgeis, a historically rich city in Earlsdale, boasts impressive medieval architecture, high walls, and skilled artisans across various guilds. It thrives on strong community bonds, a dynamic marketplace, and a dedication to tolerance with its many shrines. Uniquely neutral in regional conflicts, it's led by the respected Baroness Elara, who prioritizes peace and the well-being of her citizens. This combination of cultural heritage, independence, and leadership makes Burgeis a standout city in the kingdom.

  • Burgstall


    Burgstall, nestled between two lakes near Marbek, thrives on lush farmland, supporting the region. Villagers lead simple, communal lives, celebrating tales of Marbek's glory under starlit skies, embodying resilience and appreciation for their heritage and the protection afforded by their ruler's armies.

  • Burkal


    Burkal, nestled between a forest and mangrove swamp west of the capital, is a village where residents live traditionally, utilizing natural resources. Its unique coexistence with nature is symbolized by Rufus, a beloved bear, and celebrated through festivals honoring the bounty of their environment.