Fantasy Maps For My Campaign World

  • 80_sea_jar

    Bay of Jarlangh

  • Mals_672x282

    Mals am Vinshgau

  • Naturns_672x282


  • Fenlon_672x282

    Pete Fenlon Style

  • Sieg_672x282

    Cities, Catacombs & Coins

Welcome to my Mapventures website. The site is a portfolio of my fantasy cartography for pen & paper roleplaying games.

I hope you’ll enjoy the maps. Even if I hardly find the time to draw digital maps these days, I have always enjoyed drawing them.

The imagination in the process of fantasy cartography – dreaming of the foreign lands, peace and conflict, and arising civilisations has always fascinated me.

This is the story of these worlds, told through the maps of my imagination.


A collection of some of my maps

About Me

Grimur Fjeldsted

Grimur Fjeldsted

My name is Grimur, I am half-icelandic, half-german living at the danish-german border. I work for a premium danish brand as the global social media manager, heading up a  team of community managers.

My personal interests are besides the professional stuff, cartography and world building and I enjoy wrapping my ideas in graphical and web design projects.

My passion for cartography started in 1996, when I found a copy of Campaign Cartographer for DOS in a second-hand store. Mapventures has been my project since 2006, where I began to collect all the maps I have created for my campaign world.

The opinions stated here are mine alone and are not those of any past or present employer.

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